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When choosing quality fences and gates for your property and garden area, Salame Fencing is the best choice you have. We offer all types of gates that suit and blend with the existing fences installed in your property. With us, you’re getting the peace of mind that comes with our thorough vetting and quality checks.

Our team works hard to ensure that all of our materials and services are the highest quality available and are installed with the utmost care and attention. All of this means that you can rest assured your new aluminium fences and slat gates are the best on the market. The gates that you’ll find at Salame Fencing are sure to match your requirements. All of them ensure durability and longevity in coastal environments meaning you’ll be all set for the years to come.

Based in NSW, Salame Fencing specialises in fencing installation works paired with complete repair and maintenance works. All of our highest standard products, ensure to fulfil both aesthetic and security objectives.