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Due to the demand of our services in Sydney, our expanding business now focuses on Timber Fencing projects for individuals as well as commercial establishments. Salame Fencing has a team that can offer services for your gardening and creating boundary walls around the property.

Salame Fencing is the first choice for quality fencing installation in Sydney and today, we are one of the city’s largest and recognised fencing companies. We are pleased to be the one-stop choice for many home and business owners. We have been in this fencing installation industry from long time back and have the knowledge on how to ensure customer satisfaction by delivering quality products based on you and your building’s requirement.

Wooden fencing is a great way to increase security, improve the appearance, or add a bit of privacy to your garden area. We offer a supply and installation service for a wide range of fence shapes, designs, and sizes dependant on your fencing needs.

Based in NSW, Salame Fencing specialises in fencing installation works paired with complete repair and maintenance works. All of our highest standard products, ensure to fulfil both aesthetic and security objectives.