Choosing Salame Fencing for installing Pergola in your property comes with multiple benefits. Our pergola design contractors help you get the most out of your investment without sacrificing quality. Not to mention, choosing to install a pergola instead of a standard deck is a great way to make your home or business stand out in Sydney and surrounding suburbs.

Building a pergola on your property can create just such a shelter and give anyone who visits your home a respite from the bustle of daily living.  We can help you make the best decision for your space. We will gladly work with you and your family to help make a decision that everyone in your household will be happy with.

Sliding Gates Manual and Auto

To ensure your slide gate perfectly matches wqith design and requirement of your property, Salame Fencing offers a wide range of options through manual and automatic sliding gates. For a modern contemporary home, consider a baton or slat gate, horizontal is an excellent choice if you want to stand out from the crowd. For a more traditional finish, consider an ornate steel option.

You can also choose whether you have a single or double entrance gate. This is dependent on a wide range of factors, including your driveway width, property and personal needs. We pride ourselves on being able to supply our full range of styles to suit your sliding gate needs. Our team sources the best materials to ensure the highest quality of product for your home or business.

All Types of Gates

When choosing quality fences and gates for your property and garden area, Salame Fencing is the best choice you have. We offer all types of gates that suit and blend with the existing fences installed in your property. With us, you’re getting the peace of mind that comes with our thorough vetting and quality checks.

Our team works hard to ensure that all of our materials and services are the highest quality available and are installed with the utmost care and attention. All of this means that you can rest assured your new aluminium fences and slat gates are the best on the market. The gates that you’ll find at Salame Fencing are sure to match your requirements. All of them ensure durability and longevity in coastal environments meaning you’ll be all set for the years to come.

Glass Fencing

Salame Fencing is one of the top choices for Sydney Siders when it comes to installing glass pool fences. Whether it’s frameless glass or semi frameless glass pool, we adhere to the fencing requirements and ensure complete peace of mind. Our glass fences are extremely tough and durable. Because we are experts at installing glass pool fencing, we can also take care of any glass pool fencing repairs.

Our team of installers are serious about completing the best frameless glass fencing and balustrade installations using the industry’s best products and installation practises. For over years we have pioneered the use of new technology in the installation of glass panels to improve both quality and safety.

Pool Fencing

Salame Fencing can help you choose from our wide range of pool fencing products to complement the theme of your home, as well as to meet relevant standards. Our range includes glass and aluminium fencing. All types of pool fencing installed, come with warranty and thus, ensure peace of mind. The pool fence we install, will be built to regulation standards.

Our team of highly skilled fencing installers can also assist with the modification of existing boundary fences to ensure that they are pool compliant. There are standards in Australia that dictate the minimum height for a swimming pool fence, and we can help you to comply. In Sydney, we have been proudly supplying and installing quality pool fences for years.

Aluminium Fencing

Salame Fencing smartly crafts the style into your property fencing going beyond the affordable zone. Apart from aluminium fences, we also provide all kinds of gates including those which are made from aluminium. Whether it’s pool or property, our aluminium fences are sure to blend with your choices.

We been providing residential and commercial fencing installation in Sydney, with high quality fence and gate installation services Our experienced team are committed to using the highest quality and most durable products, made from a variety of materials including glass, aluminium and timber. Whether it be providing privacy, protecting your family or creating boundaries, our fencing and gate solutions will add value to your home.

Ezy-Clip Fencing

Being an experienced and one of the largest timber fencing installers in Sydney, Salame Fencing provides Ezy-Clip Fencing services, only for you!

Growing in popularity in new housing estates, the team at Salame Fencing use only the original Ezy Clip products to create the desired look of the natural appearance of treated pine fencing with the strong durable colour coated steel posts and rails to produce an aesthetically pleasing fence. Our team of installers have the knowledge to handle the patented lap and cap fencing system.

We give you a fencing solution that requires the lowest maintenance without hampering the durability.

Timber Fencing

Due to the demand of our services in Sydney, our expanding business now focuses on Timber Fencing projects for individuals as well as commercial establishments. Salame Fencing has a team that can offer services for your gardening and creating boundary walls around the property.

Salame Fencing is the first choice for quality fencing installation in Sydney and today, we are one of the city’s largest and recognised fencing companies. We are pleased to be the one-stop choice for many home and business owners. We have been in this fencing installation industry from long time back and have the knowledge on how to ensure customer satisfaction by delivering quality products based on you and your building’s requirement.

Wooden fencing is a great way to increase security, improve the appearance, or add a bit of privacy to your garden area. We offer a supply and installation service for a wide range of fence shapes, designs, and sizes dependant on your fencing needs.